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MWM Oil+Air lubrication unit ZG.A without box
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The lubrication units belonging to ZG.A series are complete systems to produce the oil+air mixture, obtained dosing small amonut of oil in a continuous flow of air. The Oil+air mixer is not provided with electronic monitoring.. The unit is controlled by a PLC which adjust the quantity of lubricant delivered; the controlling elements communicate with PLC programmable unit, which is linked to the central unit of the machine the unit is mounted on. The unit has got filters both on the air line. The management software also contains a specific option to use also GMN spindles (prelubrication).

Data Sheet

N° of outlets: 1-6
Lubricant viscosity: ISO VG from 50 to 1000 cSt
Temperature range: 10-50 °C
Delivery volume: 22-230 mm3/cycle*outlet
Min. operating air pressure 4 bar
Max. operating air pressure 6 bar
Electric power supply: single-phase 110/230 VAC
three-phase 380/420 VAC
24 VDC
Acoustic emission: Leq(A) <70 dB
Weight: 14kg
Overall dimensions (1-6 outlets): 334x355x135 mm




11 September 2023

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06 June 2023

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