The experts in lubrication technology

External MQL systems for tools and surfaces with flow control technology with fine regulator

External MQL systems for cutting tools, for lubrication of flat surfaces and sheet metals and for protection treatment lubrication (anti-oxidation).

For over 20 years, HIESSL Schmiertechnik GmbH has been
manufacturing and supplying lubrication systems for belts, circuit boards and molded parts, as well as associated
lubricants and modular custom spray units for cutting applications.

HIESSL Lubrication Technology - Fluids applied economically

Your goal is our challenge: to only apply as much fluid as necessary. Economic application of fluids with Hiessl spray systems achieves huge cost savings. Innovative and goal-driven approach to design and production: In close collaboration with you, we develop and construct spray systems and custom machines tailored specifically to your needs and realize your ideas and visions from planning right through to the finished product.

Flexibility: The machine type or use case determines the configuration and delivery specifications of the spray device.

HIESSL products are components of a modular system: Almost all spray devices, nozzles, valve units and accessories can be freely combined. This makes it possible to cater to your unique requirements and requests and also to extend areas to be sprayed to accommodate complex processes.

HIESSL product range consists of complete spray systems, spray heads, spray chambers and spray bars, distributer modules, storage and pressure containers, double diaphragm pumps, valve units and housings, lubricants and accessories. The choice includes a wide variety of dual-material spray nozzles in many sizes and for various applications.

Nozzle technology: The angle of spray can be configured according to the use case. All spray nozzles are pneumatic and have very short actuation times.
MICROFLUID – minimal quantity lubrication system: An innovative and multi-functional control unit with
modular design, compact construction. Suitable for a variety of Group 1 fluids.
FLUIDTEC - System with stainless steel tank with 5-way delivery system and
high-quality, precision valve units
Spray chambers: In countless variations from the smallest constructions to chambers up to 4 meters wide
• Controlled application of fluid film in
a closed housing
• Integrated ventilation devices
remove mist residue
• Excess liquid can be collected and
returned to the system

Spray bars: procurement costs significantly reduced through highly efficient materials usage

• For low-space environments
• Compact assembly of spray heads
• Extruded aluminum profiles protect
from outside damage

Distributer modules: One spray unit – multiple nozzles

• Standard distributor with up to
5 connectors
• Modules with higher number of
connectors available on request

Storage and pressure containers:
Depending on the intended application, our range of containers of different sizes is available as a selection of products

• 0.5 l, 1 l and 2 l aluminum containers
• Standard 5.7 l, 10 l and 20 l stainless steel containers
• Steel plate containers from 24 l to 200 l

Valve units and housings: For supplying and controlling spray nozzles, spray bars and spray gates

• Pressure regulators with gages
• Modular system
• Variety of spray intervals
• 230 VAC or 24 VDC, as well as custom voltage and non-corrosive variants
• High-quality valves for air and oil, with further connection options for spray heads (any number possible)

Diaphragm pumps: We primarily offer air-operated double diaphragm pumps designed for year-round use

• Full hose connections to valve plates or housings
• For standard 200 l tanks, we offer a combination of pump vacuum pipes and floating switches
• Precision assembly ensures consistent fluid delivery


• Various mounts for all varieties of spray head
• Flexible joint mounting system
• Hose guides in various designs
• Quick-release couplings
• Built-in housings
• Mass flow meters
• Pressure sensors
• Specialized valves

Custom construction: We don‘t believe in the impossible. We can adapt our systems to the given requirements, always in harmony with the vision of our clients.



11 September 2023

MWM Schmieranlagen will attend to EMO 2023, world's leading trade fair for machine tools, automation and metalworking, that will be in Hannover from...

06 June 2023

MWM oil+air minimal lubrication system model ZXT-4 Special, for macro-spraying, without oil mist generation.