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IFX-C optical sensors
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The IFX Optical Oil Streak Sensor, directly installed on the transparent pipe, monitors the continuity of the oil flow/delivery in oil+air lubrication systems. The sensor is equipped with a light emitting transmission diode, which projects a light bundle on an electronic receiver element with electronic smart card. Any image variation of air+oil flow in motion air+oil mixture is detected and processed according to a patented and advanced technology.

Data Sheet

Electric connection: M 8x1, 4 poles
Power supply voltage: 12-24 V DC ±20%
Max. absoption: 30 mA
Output connection: NPN or PNP
Output-Signal: (closer) NO or (opener) NC
Protection class (according to EN 60529): IP 67
Operating temperature: +10 ÷ +60 [°C]
Body: Al
Tropicalized electronics and optics: PA 12 oil resistant



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06 June 2023

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