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Air+oil mixer with interchangeable dosing element DEB and electric monitoring
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The mixer is made of the oil metering block, the monitoring block and the mixing block. The delivery of a certain quantity of oil causes the movement of the internal piston that is detected by the electronic sensor. The air is conveyed through the main line to each oil-air outlet. By means of a regulator screw, the air capacity to each lubrication point can be easily set. The air pressure to each single exit is checked by pressureswitches (available by request).

Data Sheet

Lubricant: mineral oil
Viscosity: ISO VG 22¸3000 [mm2/s]
Operating oil pressure: 25¸45 [bar]
Relief pressure: < 1 [bar]
Operating air pressure: 0,5¸10 [bar]
Temperature range: -20 ÷ +45 [°C]
Oil metering block aluminium
Metering control device transparent acrylic
Air mixing block aluminium
Inductive sensor MWM special execution
connection : PNP
electric impulse duration time : > 0,2 [sec]
Mixer operation frequency: max.20 [imp./min]
Min. oil volume for electric operation: 22 [mm3]



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06 June 2023

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