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Overview of MWM solutions seen at the last BIMU 2012

  The 28th BIMU in Milan showed a very qualified offering of Machine Tools. MWM solutions were present on many machines, with the most advanced units of minimal quantity Air & Oil lubrication units and systems.

Hall 13 on stand B16-D17, SIRMA presented the CNC lathe CINCOM K16E-VII, with 5 axis (plus 2 axis C). It was fitted with a LUBRIX 500 system for Internal Minimal Quantity Lubrification in the deep drilling tools.            

Other applications of MWM Air+Oil units for high performance spindle bearings were installed on the machines in MANDELLI SISTEMI Stand D05 and VMS Stand A08
Hall 9 on Stand C07 PEAR presented the Work center EC1220 for relatively big pieces which require high quality finish and high precision. This is a moving portal machine with a 3 axis movement spindle.
This machine is equipped with the latest generation of MWM Oil+Air unit for spindle bearings lubrication.
With SL-PRO 100% Safe Lubrication concept, for MQL spindle bearing lubrication; the SL-Pro (100% Safe Lubrication Process) combines the integrated optical sensors mixer MVF-A with double level digital programmable pressure sensors.
Visible was  also the multitasking Inteo-Micro* working centre, for micro milling and turning also equipped with MWM A+O unit.
PARPAS Stand B10 presented the new boring machine INVAR which includes unique technological innovations and satisfies requirements of high precision.

It is equipped with a special custom made MWM A+O minimal lubrication system, to satisfy all the challenging requirements of the precise and monitored minimal lubrication pf spindles and axis. With the MWM A+O mixers MVF-A with integrated optical sensors (MWM international patent).

Other applications of MWM systems were installed on Work centres and big Boring Machines in Hall 9.


* The European project Integ-Micro is an ambitious initiative that can build 5 new platforms to redesign the state of the industry, this special attention from the European Commission is due to the fact that the micro-machining technologies play a increasingly important role in various industries, from electronics to biomedicine and others, and are considered strategic for the development and growth of the European manufacturing