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New IFX-3D 6P optoelectronic oil streaks sensors


IFX-3D 6P represents the latest MWM innovation in the design and development of optoelectronic sensors for the motion detection of lubricant streaks fed by a compressed air carrier flowing inside a flexible pipe. IFX-3D 6P features MWM’s closed eyelet two-dimensional technology (BTSR Patent) for precise detection of small volumes motion of lubricant. This solution allows the control of the lubricant supply with very low compressed air flow rates; therefore, air consumption is greatly reduced. Thanks to the advanced MWM control technique, the IFX-3D 6P sensor can detect the image variation of a moving lubricant streak, showing precisely the moving or the stopping state of the fluid. The IFX-3D 6P sensors are fully programmable for easy adaptation to the detection of any type of application, with important programmable contour functions as control parameters, sensor sensitivity and delay time. An innovative interference light filtering software, protects from the influence of outdoor light sources.

The installation of this advanced technological solution eliminates at least 80% of the production stoppages, which normally occur due to the failure of high-speed bearings lubricated with minimum air-oil lubrication, in spindles, centrifuges and high-speed rotating shafts. By drastically reducing bearing failures and downtime, allows a quick return on investment.



26 April 2021

The MWM Air+Oil lubrication system is used for the protective lubrication of the master gear, which can have different tooth widths.

10 March 2021

For applications in industrial plants, in oil mist systems, where it is necessary to control the lubricant quantity supplied to the lubrication points.