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Oil+Air lubrication unit ZFX

The ZFX units are complete systems which produce air-oil mixture dosing small amount of oil per each cycle in a continuous air flow. The system has a driving and control unit. The right amount of oil is distributed by dosing elements and mixed with air, the air-oil flow rate can be adjusted by screws placed on each outlet. The air-oil mixture is controlled by an optical sensor which verifies also the minimum flow rate level. The PLC manages pump levelswitch signal as well as signals from the control sensors. The pump driving is managed by PLC so that the amount of oil is related to the number of controlled drives.



26 April 2021

The MWM Air+Oil lubrication system is used for the protective lubrication of the master gear, which can have different tooth widths.

10 March 2021

For applications in industrial plants, in oil mist systems, where it is necessary to control the lubricant quantity supplied to the lubrication points.