The experts in lubrication technology

2017 Exponent in transformation path which has as target Industry 4.0. Introduction of new smart sensors for detection of injection lubrication, oli-mist and minimal flow rate.

2016 MWM celebrates 30 years of activity. Partnership with Step-Tec for distribution of electro-spindles with high performance for machine tools of high range.

2015  It starts the cooperation with HIESSL, competence center for external MQL systems for tools with chip removing and surfaces' lubrication. Research agreement entrusted to Electronic Department of University "Politecnico di Milano" on technologies of minimal flow rates control with laser systems.

2014 Japanese and Chinese Patent granted for Minimal Lubrication Device and Process with optical sensor. Research project in the field of lubrication technology with optoelectronic feedback detection.

2013 European Patent granted for Minimal Lubrication Device and Process with optical sensor.
16th June. Award Milan Productive conferred for 26 years of creditable activities: MWM is rewarded at La Scala theater in Milan with a gold medal and certificate.

2012 Winner of "Milan City Funding of New Digital Technologies for Competitiveness".
Partnership with TRIBOSERV, for the development and distribution of DLS Lubrication Systems for mechanical components and industrial transmissions.

2011 Winner of Lombardy Region Funding for support in patenting process.
Twenty five years Jubilee since foundation.

2010 Start to establish its own international distribution network.
Among the first companies in Italy to install a photovoltaic plant with solar panels for its own electric requirements.

2009 Spring4 Project for internationalization of Lombardy companies.
Grant of Italian Patent for Minimal lubrication Device and Process with optical sensor.

2008 Partnership with LUBRIX extends the skills to internal minimal lubrication of tools for chip removal and to technologies for consumption elimination of large quantities of full and emulsionable oils. It reinforces the vocation for green technologies.

2007 The company moves its headquarters to Peschiera Borromeo (Milan) Italy, near Milan Linate City-Airport.

2006 MWM celebrates its 20 years Jubilee since foundation. The made in Italy MWM Lubrication Systems are distributed in Europe and in many countries around the world.
Research project in the field of tools minimal lubrication technology with optoelectronic feedback detection.

2003 Partnership with BTSR Best Technologies Studies & Research, for the development of electronic monitoring systems of minimal flow with programmable optical sensor. The optical sensors developed are protected by international patents.

2001 MWM expands Sales to the European Market as specialist in MQL technology  for high speed bearings.

2000 Research contract entrusted to the Department of Mechanical Engineering at University "Politecnico di Milano"  minimum quantity lubrication of tools. Development first projects in internal minimal lubrication for tools, through spindle axis.

1998 Partnership with microjet®. MWM extend its technological skills to the minimum quantity lubrication in machining tools with chip removal.

1995 First research contract with University  Politecnico di Milano, first in Italy in the development of minimal lubrication systems for rolling elements bearings.

1993 The first minimal quantity lubrication systems for bearings of high-speed spindle with electronic device for detection of minimal quantity flow rate are produced.

1992 The 1st of January begins the development and production of oil+air minimal quantity lubrication units and devices begins in Milan, Italy.  First Patent for electronic detecting devices for oil dosing in oil+air mixers.

1986 The company is founded by 30-years-old engineer Maurizio Mazzoni in Milan, Italy. Its focus is on the automatic and centralized lubrication systems in industrial machinery.
Partnership with EUGEN WOERNER, world leader in centralized lubrication for industrial machinery.



26 April 2021

The MWM Air+Oil lubrication system is used for the protective lubrication of the master gear, which can have different tooth widths.

10 March 2021

For applications in industrial plants, in oil mist systems, where it is necessary to control the lubricant quantity supplied to the lubrication points.